Grid of 9

Assignment 1: Grid of 9, Thesis Studio 1


My grid of 9 is a collection of 3 concepts with the first concept in red high on form and low on tech while the third concept in yellow is high on tech and low on form. The ideas below the concepts are more like stages of iteration rather than individual ideas.

The first concept is creating a wearable garment for people with chronic back pains. It would incorporate some of the medical aids used by this group, mainly a back support belt, a heat bag and a back massager. However, this project idea would require involvement of a medical group or user group that can facilitate and corroborate the research. The need for this wearable is also a personal need. I have a chronic back pain due to an old injury that requires me wearing a belt for support. But the belt shows through clothes, especially formal outfits. With a growing number of younger population suffering from chronic back pain while being fashionably aware, I see a need for such a wearable.

The second concept is an extension of my second semester Major Studio Final. It is a seamless invisible magnetic bag lock that seals the bag from the inside and is controlled using an app. In the second semester, I completed the proof of concept by creating an electromagnet controlled by a phone app. But I would like to take it forward and miniaturize the concept and potentially make it marketable. There are many locks that exist but they all pull attention. I wanted a lock that would secure my bag without speaking for the valuables in it. This led to the creation of an IoT based lock that protects the contents of my bag, especially while traveling or in a crowded public space.

While the first two concepts are focused on solving current problems with a product at the base, the third concept is more of an art piece. The third idea is to create an interactive touch screen mirror that is used to study people’s response to seeing themselves in a public space and capturing their personalities as a way of introspecting and self-identity. Although this is a psychological concept, the idea of people having multiple personalities is interesting to me. We don’t have to have a disorder to have multiple personalities. We play several roles with certain overlapping traits, the mirror would be one way of depicting those traits and personalities in a particular individual.

I am excited about all three ideas as I have been thinking about them for a long time. The confusion lies in choosing one. While one ranks high on my need list, another ranks high on my likes list. Each of them has potential and requires deeper research to make a decision.