Assignment 2 – Short Project 1

Assignment 2: Short Project 1, Major Studio 2

My proposal for the short project 1 is a book swapping website. There are multiple available options for this activity. However, all existing options have bad interface designs. In order to learn the aesthetics of design, I wish to redesign the interface using my web development skills.

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After suggestions during class hours, I have reconsidered the trade of physical books and would like to know more about e-book trade. However, there are several legal and technical limitations in the transfer if e-books. Thus, I am continuing with the swapping of physical books.

In the process of swapping, a book can be taken from anyone and given to anyone else. It does not have to be an exchange limiting to two parties only. Also, the location is limited to New York City but I would like to extend it globally once the website is fully developed and running.

Besides identifying the process involved in book swapping I have also taken up to brand the website and developed logos for it. There are 2 iterations to check how the negative space looks.

According to a research conducted in 2008, there is no existing platform that incorporates the activity of book swapping and a forum for book lovers. Going through the examples of book swapping websites and book forums, I found the following problems:

  • Cluttered
  • Very text heavy
  • Difficulty in navigation
  • Unclear site maps

The design had to be  clean, easy to read and understandable for people of all age groups. For this purpose, I am using a combination of test and icons. The icons created to depict the process have been designed after research into the most common symbols use for them.

Old classics often have a maroon hardcover with black text. Off the classics came the color scheme for the website, the maroon being replaced by red for a more contemporary look. The font used is ‘Gothic’ sans serif to keep pace with the contemporary style of the website.

Thus, my project is to simplify the interface and show the potential for improvement for other such websites. The website is coded using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

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The references are available in the Bibliography.