Assignment 1: WWWWH, Major Studio 1

Hi. I’m Priyal Parikh from Mumbai, India. Hailing from a business oriented family; I completed my undergraduate degree in business management. However, I pursued art as a hobby since childhood.

Engaging in print media for my college got me interested in designing, from where I began my journey as a freelance graphic designer with the main focus on branding. I continued freelancing during a year’s employment at Ernst & Young. This led me to understand my inclination towards art and design.

To know more about the field, I took a year’s time to prepare my portfolio and intern at an art studio. During this period, I learnt about the MFADT program at Parsons. I got interested in it because until then I considered technological aspects like coding, arduino, etc to be an engineer’s profile. But coming here, I realize how interdependent the two are in today’s age and have opened an array of opportunities for myself to learn and develop.