Functional Prototype 1 for Finals (Arduino Finals)

Assignment 2: Arduino, Assignment 3: IoT Final, Assignment 6: MS1 Final Project, CC Lab & Lec, Internet of Things


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Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 11.04.26 PM



As part of the second prototype, I am looking at making the casing look more futuristic and use interactions that are more independent and less dependent on humans. The clock would be represented in a manner different from the normal analogue or digital view we see. The ultrasonic sensor will be replaced with the representative clock to send updates to the screen. Even powering the jellyfish would be a remote activity from the screen rather than manually doing it.

I was suggested to use a more organic look for the casing. However, considering our futures would be more compact and there would be a fight for space. So I am looking at a more compact design rather than the organic look.