MS1 Final Project – Proposal

Assignment 6: MS1 Final Project, Major Studio 1


The main domain would be biomimicry. I want to recreate the jellyfish using its features of bioluminescence and propulsion techniques. The jellyfish are fascinating creatures as they do not have a brain but can still flow against water currents. Their gelatinous body allows their luminescence to distract predators, capture prey attract mates. I would like to use this bioluminescence and jellyfish movement to represent human interaction with data and the internet.

Project Idea:

The passersby would be the prey. As they walk closer to the installation, the jellyfish would light up attracting them. The luminosity would trigger the internet to publish information about a jellyfish onto a webpage. The published data would represent the jellyfish bloom that is often triggered by human interaction with the ecosystem.


Social researchers, economic researchers, medical researchers and biomedical engineers, architects, computer science engineers.


As this involves interaction with passersby of any category, it would be ideal to set it up in a gallery or space where people would pause to look at it.


As a final iteration, the jellyfish would be a silicon structure to give it the gelatinous feel. There would be an LED in the jellyfish to represent the bioluminescence. The LED would be attached to an ultrasonic sensor to light it up and make the jellyfish move vertically using a servo motor when people approach the installation. The sensor would also be connected to the internet, where a webpage would upload information about the jellyfish onto a webpage. There would also be a photo resistor that would illuminate the entire tank when its dark. Since all our communication with the internet is not always direct, I would also like to use a remote to control the light and movement of the jellyfish. The ultrasonic sensor would be connected to the LED, servo motor and the webpage using an rfduino. The webpage would be hosted over a raspberry pi. The proximity sensor would be connected to the other set of LEDs using an arduino. The remote would also be connected to the arduino using an IR sensor.

Research Question:

How can human interaction be used to biomimetic a jellyfish?


Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 12.42.09 PM

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