One To Many – Final Iteration

Assignment 5: One to many, Major Studio 1

The art brief:

My work explores the many faces of superstition behind the everyday face of a person. It is influenced by the questions and research of C. G. Jung and the works of Edvard Munch and Marcel Pedragosa. My work explores the tension between the face worn to blend in the world and the expressions of the superstitions one may believe in.

Detailed description of the project:

I have made a photographic overlay of multiple expressions a person has in their head for every superstition they believe in. The viewer is able to see the emotions the people hide in their “personal subconscious”, as described by C. G. Jung. These are emotions or expressions they wish they to show  when made to do something against their belief but cannot express to remain a part of society and not considered an outcast. The project is made from multiple photographs of one person edited and layered in photoshop.

The reason for using the layer effect is to make it look like it is visualized in someone’s mind. When we close our eyes and see, we can see colored silhouettes and not complete images.

Final Iteration:



Works of Edvard Munch:



Works of Marcel Pedragosa:

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