Assignment 1: Connected Objects, Internet of Things

Drone is the common name for and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). They are used in situations where manned flights are risky or difficult.

There are 2 types of UAV:

  • Autonomous aircraft – operated by an automatic system
  • Remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) – operated by an external operator on the ground

UAVs have six functional categories:

  • Target and decoy
  • Reconnaissance
  • Combat
  • Logistics
  • Research and development
  • Civil and commercial

The use of drones is shifting from primarily military to other civil aspects like commercial surveillance, filmmaking, journalism, law enforcement, search and rescue and so on.

A lot of companies like Frog Design or Good Drones LLC are in the practice of designing drones to aid everyday life. For instance, Frog Design came up with a drone concept called ‘Firestorm’, which is fire rescue drone to scout victims before the rescue squad prepares to enter. Another concept is ‘Cyclodrone’, a flying beacon connected to the bike rider’s phone, on a predetermined route. Its purpose is to improve visibility and reduce accidents on narrow roads.