A World In Itself – Victoria Falls

Assignment 3: 7x7, Major Studio 1

Victoria Falls, located at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa, is considered the largest waterfall in the world. It is the only waterfall to be more than a kilometer in length and more than a hundred meters in height. The falls can be seen from almost 50 feet away and can be heard from almost 40 feet away. The mist rises almost 400 meters high. The locals, in earlier days, had a sacral fear about the falls and would not dare go close to it. When the falls were discovered by Scottish missionary David Livingstone, he was so awestruck by the view, he said even angels must be admiring it while flying.

Seeing this photo of Victoria Falls felt like it had an entire world enclosed within itself, a sacred world of magic.


A lot of religions around the world use the concept of mandalas to symbolize a microcosm of the universe. In this microcosm, I used symbols of the magic circle to depict the mysticism of this view. The two concepts are closely intertwined in terms of their symbols, colors and illustrative outlays.


After sketching out my whole idea, I moved to step 1 of prototyping.

So the first step was to create an outline combining the two together.


The outline had to then be overlayed onto the image of the waterfall and combined the two using clipping mask. Then some color was added to add to the mysticism. The waterfall is a faint background to the mandala showing how it is part of a bigger world and still has so much to itself that is not seen by the world. The angels are there viewing it from another realm and brewing magic somewhere in it, but it is not visible to us.



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