The Birth of a Volcano!

Assignment 3: 7x7, Major Studio 1

The next wonder on my list is the Paricutin Volcano, located in Michoacon, Mexico. It is considered one of the wonders as it is the youngest volcano to form in the Northern Hemisphere, being fully documented by modern science.

The origin of the volcano began with a small crack in the ground and rumbling sounds. The crack the grew into a fissure and the fissure began gaining height and turning into hot soil. It was at a height of about 6 feet, when it first emitted fumes and smell of sulphur.


Since it’s inception was in a cornfield, I decided to go with food for the volcano. A chocolate cake seemed most suitable for the base since it gives an earthen look.


The best way to create the smoke without dry ice is ideally to use vinegar and baking soda. But I did not want to spoil the cake, so went with testing the theory of mentos and soda.


The first attempt to show the birth of the volcano was using Ginger ale as the soda. That created only a small fizz.

So the second attempt was using Coke and mentos. A small amount of coke with 3 mentos was sufficient to create the effect of rising volcano.


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