The Great Barrier Reef

Assignment 3: 7x7, Major Studio 1

The Great Barrier Reef has been the growth of living coral reef over dead coral reef for over twenty million years. For millennia, it has been the breeding place for coral, algae, anemones, sponges, fish, and many other aquatic species. But since 1985 , it has lost more than half its coral owing to reasons like pollution, climate change, overfishing, shipping and so on. A lot of it owes to humans and their interaction with the environment through development of technology over the years.


On reading about the reef, I identified a lot of facts and myths about it. So the initial idea was to create a diary with each shape as a page and a myth or fact on every page. But the more crucial aspect of the reef was its depletion and loss of life over the years; which lead me to the idea of a flip book.


The flip book is like a paper-based gif image which I find interactive and interesting. So I used the flip book as a two-way book to show the formation of the reef piece by piece. At the same time, if flipped in the opposite direction, it shows the depletion and eventually extinction of the reef in the next few centuries.

To start off with, I drew out the pages.


Then filled out the pages using photo inks.


Then bound them together to complete the book.

The designs of the reef in the flip book are inspired from designs by Yellena James and images of the reef on google.


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