Human Impact On The Grand Canyon

Assignment 3: 7x7, Major Studio 1

The Grand Canyon is the second natural wonder on my list. Located in the state of Arizona; the canyon was carved by the Colorado River, eroding the Colorado plateau layer by layer for centuries.

Observing the layers of the canyon, I tried understanding the layers of impact humans have on the environment with their technology.


Carry forwarding the thoughts invoked during the reading of Skinterfaces, I used the grand canyon as base to show how humans impact their environment, unaware of the consequences and often want to start over but don’t always have the option to.


The idea was to represent the grand canyon as a human face and show the layering as human interaction with the environment. To depict it better, I created green dots as symbols of every interaction with our surroundings which do not directly affect us and are not visible on the layers we are currently at, but remain behind us perpetually. There is little or nothing we can do to change it, until the cycle of nature starts again.