Assignment 3: 7x7, Major Studio 1

Aurora is a natural light display in the sky; known as aurora borealis or northern lights in in the high northern latitudes and aurora australis or southern lights in the high southern latitudes. It is a product of energetic charged particles held in place, around the earth, by the planet’s magnetic field.


I tried to understand the phenomenon and create a similar effect using torchlight.


Taking inspiration from fellow classmates’ manifestation of Vannevar Bush and wanting to reverse the view master effect, I created a fake aurora picture on parchment paper and tried projecting it on the wall with torchlight. However, nothing was projected. I realized the reason was the image I drew was using color pencils, as the paper would not hold paint. However, the medium was too light against the intensity of the light.


So I went on to experiment shadows of light on the wall using a regular glass jar at home. The outcome came quite close to what I had imagined.

Then inspired by psychedlic paint  shop (@psychedelcpaint), I thought of converting it into a 3D wall mounting of the aurora’s magnetic impression.


Further editing and experimenting with the video on premier pro led me to create a look of the magnetic field, that leads to the aurora, to be put up as a 3D wall mounted frame.